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Mister Smith's Bakery
"The best bread in the world is not in Paris.  It's not in San Francisco, and it's not being made in some chic little bakery/art gallery in SoHo either.  The best bread in the world is waiting for you right at the front of Jones' Food Center, 812 Cottage Avenue, in downtown Vermillion, South Dakota.

Larry Smith is the baker.  Larry Smith is also, in the eyes of many University of South Dakota students, the "bread god."  Real Vermillionites don't go in for such hyperbole.  They just line up at noon to buy Larry Smith's bread as soon as it comes out of the oven, and they have been known to offer help bag the loaves to speed up the process."
---Amy Bloom "Oprah Magazine," September 2002

The cat is out of the bag.  Larry Smith is no longer simply a baker living in anonymity.  Since the national release of the article, "All Things Beautiful and Sticky" in the 2002 issue of "Oprah Magazine," Larry, his crew, and his creations have become a destination for many.  Customers will drive miles out of their way to pick up a salted baguette or a loaf of peasant bread.  While "Mister Smith's Bakery, Cafe & Catering" might be located within our Vermillion store, we will certainly deliver most anything to any of our other store locations.

Larry began baking in the mid-1980's when he was a police captain in Connecticut.  He was doing some cooking for the family when he brought home a salted peasant loaf made by a Connecticut baker.  The whole family loved it, and Larry thought to himself, "Maybe I can do this."  He worked to create the perfect breads and made many mistakes along the way.  In fact, Larry feels that is the reason people don't take the risk of baking.

He would bake for family and friends and when he contemplated early retirement, Larry and his wife, Betty, found themselves in South Dakota in 1999. This is when Larry turned to baking as a vocation.  He arrived at Jones' Food Center in Vermillion and his reputation took off almost immediately.

Become a Friend at Mr. Smith's Bakery on FacebookLarry often says, "We all have to make dinner, so you might as well make it a nice one. But you never - in our culture - have to make bread.  So to choose that, it's an act of giving.  An act of love, I think.  Every loaf."

Larry has baked all the way through illness -- he was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease in 1992 -- and he never lets it get in his way.  He is one of the kindest individuals you will ever meet, and his determination and grace are truly inspirational.

Larry's right-hand artist is Jacq.  She has been by his side since the beginning, soaking in all that Larry has to teach.  Together, they create some of the finest creations you can imagine.  From Salted Baguettes to Peasant Bread, Cinnamon Raisin Bread, Rosemary Parmesan, Honey Wheat, 12 Grain, Foccacia, Ciabatta and French Sandwich Bread, you won't be disappointed.

Another professional within "Mister Smith's Bakery, Cafe & Catering" is Ina.  She joined us in 2004 and makes some of the best sweet goods in town.  While other stores bake frozen pies and cakes, Ina still bakes her creations from scratch.  She is famous for her homemade Apple Pie and Peach Pie, Banana Bread and Brownies.  She even creates Rugelach and Kuchen and will even make cream puff swans by special request.

Ina also creates specialty breads that include:  100% Whole Wheat, Honey Whole Wheat and Caraway Rye.  Soon to come will be Swedish Rye.  While she bakes each day, any of her creations are available per special request.

Cakes By Monica
"Cakes by Monica" is also located within "Mister Smith's Bakery, Cafe & Catering."  Hands down, there is not a finer cake decorator than Monica in all of South Dakota.  Monica has been decorating cakes for almost 15 years, having learned the trade from her mother.  Having won numerous awards for her creations, Monica, and her assistant, Dulce, still use freshly-baked, from-scratch cakes rather than frozen cakes that arrive into a store and are thawed out of a box, ready for decorating.  They also use homemade buttercream frosting instead of commercially-made frosting out of a bucket like so many other stores.  Their one-of-a-kind cakes certainly turn heads, and Monica can bring to fruition just about any idea that you might have.  Monica also specializes in wedding cakes.

For more information regarding "Cakes by Monica," check out her website at www.cakesbymonica.com.

From the mouth-watering sandwiches, homemade soups and salads, Mister Smith's has proven itself to be THE place to eat in Vermillion. Our extensive catering experience has also made Mister Smith's the choice for top-notch catering. Look, anyone can prepare fried chicken and pour salads into a bowl for your event. We can do that, too. But if you want something special for your meetings, parties, gatherings and events, then "Mister Smith's Bakery, Cafe & Catering" is truly the place to go.

Our special-recipe fried chicken, homemade potato salad, freshly-made sandwiches and extensive dinner menu is second-to-none. We will be happy to customize a menu for any event you have. We can even serve your event with china service! Simply call 605-624-2624 to schedule an appointment with our catering experts.

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